Go beyond conventional pipe. Durable, spoolable Thermoflex® pipe withstands extremes.

The Thermoflex family of pipe products combines the strength of steel with superior durability. Thermoflex pipe is ideal for transporting hydrocarbons in all environments, staying strong in temperatures up to 180°F and pressures up to 2,000 psi.

Versatile, Cost-Efficient and Easy to Install

Thermoflex pipe gives you the greatest strength-to-weight ratio and longest lengths available in flexible pipe. With sure-fit, no-weld couplings and fittings, Thermoflex pipe can be installed onshore or offshore — with less manpower and in record time.

Enhanced Rehabilitation Technologies® Bring New Life to Old Pipe

Flexibility, versatility and durability make Thermoflex pipe ideal for rehabilitating steel pipelines, eliminating the expense of trenching and minimizing disruption. Our Enhanced Rehabilitation Technologies process features comprehensive offerings for deployment and pull-through, managed by applications engineers and certified field technicians at every step.

Full Support Across the Line

The Thermoflex team of engineering and tech experts gives you comprehensive support — from project design and installation through completion and product lifecycle.

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Thermoflex pipe is a product of Polyflow®, LLC. Polyflow’s Midland, TX manufacturing plant is an ISO 9001:2008 registered facility.

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