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8-Inch Composite Pipe Overview

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The industry-proven, constantly evolving line of flexible composite pipes from Baker Hughes now features an eight-inch size—whose expanded diameter is also expanding possibilities for the oil and gas industry.

Our composite pipe has a unique, unbonded reinforcement that is not susceptible to corrosion by contact with molecules of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen Sulfure (H2S), or embrittlement when in contact with hydrogen (H2).

With the lowest weight per meter on 8-inch available in the market, Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes’ exclusive technology employs a complete non-metallic structure with composite and polymers to deliver maximized durability and versatility.

Because Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes contains no metal, cathodic protection isn’t required to prevent corrosion. Its low roughness results in less friction being generated by flowing liquid, while its standardized design allows for a choice of temperature tolerance between 65 and 82.2°C (or 150 and 180°F).

Use of nylon and polyphenylene sulfide in the pipe and its accessories prevents erosion, incrustation, and paraffin accumulation, while realizing both CAPEX and OPEX savings in a variety of field applications.

One such application is Midstream in oil and gas with gathering systems in which 8-inch spoolable composite pipes are utilized to transport combined production to beyond the pad. With its longer lengths —and its high-pressure capacity, combined with its high-temperature tolerance—Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes is the ideal alternative to deliver a reliable, safe, and cost-effective solution that is fully vetted in a wide range of upstream applications.

Mining operations benefit from this enhanced pressure capacity and erosion and corrosion prevention as well. Minimal roughness additionally contributes to longer life expectancy and lower maintenance needs when moving complex fluids such as slurry, brines, and industrial water. Composite pipe is lighter in weight per meter when compared with steel.

Spoolable composite pipe's high-pressure tolerance, zero susceptibility to embrittlement by contact with hydrogen, and corrosion resistance are also playing a growing role in carbon capture. Carbon capture is known for using an amine-based or chilled ammonia process to inject carbon dioxide into mature-field reservoirs to further extend oil recovery.

It’s this very resilience and cost efficiency throughout the oil and gas sector that make 8-inch composite pipe from Baker Hughes a truly flexible solution for the energy needs of today and tomorrow.


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