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Solving For Mining Slurry Abrasion

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As ore grades decline, equipment and extraction costs inevitably increase making it difficult for mining companies to take advantage of the rising cost of metals.

For instance, in copper mining projects, companies can sift through a ton of rock before finding a single gram of valuable metal. Meanwhile, mining companies try to find balance and end up devoting significant labor and equipment costs to marginal veins.

For mining ventures to be successful, they need to be able to control the cost of developing new assets by finding equipment alternatives that perform as well as traditional measures at a lower cost. To this end, Baker Hughes Composite Pipe offers cost savings without sacrificing productivity and often with better equipment lifespan.

Unlike traditional steel slurry pipes that corrode and abrade or standard polypipe that succumbs to permeation and doesn’t have enough pressure capacity, Baker Hughes Composite Pipe offers better abrasion resistance at a lower total cost of ownership.


Our core design is a five-layer product including a


  • nylon or PPS liner,
  • an HDPE base,
  • and a composite reinforcement layer.

While the HDPE layer offers corrosion resistance, the inner layer is two to three times more resistant in turn. It will resist permeation for much longer than HDPE on its own, while the composite reinforcement layer—which offers an extremely high strength to weight ratio—adds pressure capacity and additional protection against expansion. This engineering means that the pipe will last for its entire designed lifetime.

Another added benefit? Baker Hughes Composite Pipe is flexible.This means that it can be installed along the ground and over difficult terrain without the use of pipe supports. This removes a level of cost and makes the pipe easier to install in remote areas. It also comes in spools and continuous lengths, adding an additional benefit for handling.

In short, Baker Hughes Composite Pipe is cheaper to purchase, easier to install, and has a longer operating lifespan than common alternatives in many pipeline applications in the mining industry, such as slurry lines, brine lines, water wells, dewatering, hydrometallurgy, underground service lines, and compressed air.


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