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Composite Pipe vs. Steel

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Composite pipes are often compared to steel on a per-foot basis; however, they have a significantly lower total installed cost. Most composites are flexible, allowing them to handle tighter turn radiuses and grade changes more easily.

This also means the pipe is spoolable, similar to electrical or cable conduit. One spool can hold up to 1,000-feet of 6-inch composite pipe, and atypical flatbed semi-trailer can transport 3 or more spools at once.

Almost all composite pipes are light enough to not require cranes for offloading, which also reduces installation costs. Composite pipes are also easy to connectno welding is required. Joining is performed in the field by a fast and reliable swaging process.

The results include:

lower transportation costs

fewer equipment rentals

less space needed for easements or rights of way

smaller construction crews

faster installation with lower risk

In other words, a lower total installed cost than steel. Additionally, composite pipe offers unmatched corrosion and chemical resistance, resulting in fewer maintenance requirements and less downtime.

One mile of 6-inch composite pipe can have less than 1/10 the cost for inspections, chemical cleaning, and mechanical maintenance than the same mile of 6-inch steel pipe over the course of a year. In oil operations, pigging is often required of the steel pipe once per week, which can take a pipe’s production offline for a day or more. Fortunately, the right composite pipe can go an average of 6-months before pigging.

Composite pipe by Baker Hughes offers customized solutions while lowering your OPEX and downtime throughout their lifecycle.


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