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Nylon Liner: Paraffin Resistance

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For decades, carbon steel pipe was an industry standard choice of material for hydrocarbon transport, offering great mechanical strength. Yet steel pipe is highly susceptible to both internal and external corrosion due to carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and free water, along with a corrosive mixture of microorganisms.

In addition to problems with corrosion, steel pipes face a problem of paraffin disposition. Paraffin disposition in steel pipe will lead to reduction of flow area, decrease pipe capacity, increase pressure drop and increase pump workload. In response, operators have adopted extensive paraffin and chemical inhibition programs, the added costs of chemicals, injection equipment, periodic maintenance and inspections significantly increases the total life cycle cost of steel pipe.

With the introduction of composite pipe to the market, operators found a solution in a product that is low cost, highly durable, flexible and readily available while being distinctly resistant to paraffin buildup. Baker Hughes reinforced thermoplastic pipes are equally as strong as steel, but much more durable -with the greatest strengthtoweight ratio, chemical compatibility, and paraffin disposition resistance in the industry.

Thermoflex’s proprietary five-layer construction and nylon liner goes beyond conventional pipe options, standing up to high pressure, high temperature, and extreme corrosive environments. Features include:

Ultra-low permeation

Resistant to H2S, CO2, bacteria and harsh chemicals

No paraffin buildup

Piggable and suitable for hot oil

Featuring the lightest weight and longest lengths among spoolable pipe solutions, Thermoflex pipe can be installed with less manpower in less time.


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