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PE Flex Plus


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Designed for ultra low permeation, PE Flex Plus Pipe provides major advantages over conventional HDPE pipe. Built for hydrocarbon and paraffin resistance, PE Flex Plus is ideal for low-pressure fluid transport below 300 psi.

The nylon liner protects against hydrocarbon permeation and requires no pressure derating for hydrocarbons. The standard polyethylene temperature derate curve should be honored.

Use PE Flex Plus pipe for oil, gas, saltwater, brine CO2, H2S, and condensate. The maximum operating temperature of the PE Flex Plus pipe is 140°F.

Working with higher temperatures? The PE Flex Plus RT pipe transports fluids up to 180°F. PE Flex Plus RT features all the benefits of our PE Flex Plus pipe, plus a nylon liner with a PE-RT base to withstand temperatures up to 180°F.


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