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The Primus Line - Baker Hughes Collaboration

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Recently, a new collaborative effort between Baker Hughes, a global energy technology company, and Primus Line, the manufacturer of innovative, non-metallic pressure pipe, will bring a new dynamic to the global marketplace. Both companies will collaborate to provide composite pipeline solutions for pipeline integrity management in a full spectrum of commercial and industrial applications. 

Baker Hughes is a leader in developing and deploying advanced energy technology around the globe. As the global energy dynamic evolves, Baker Hughes has evolved with it, always at the forefront of technological excellence. In particular, the company’s Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes offers solutions for oil and gas, water, highly corrosive environments, industrial applications, and pipeline repurpose & rehabilitation. 

Baker Hughes offers composite, flexible pipelines that can maintain pressures as high as 2250 psi and operate in temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. A wide range of internal diameters is available, from 2.375 inches up to 8-inches. All these pipes are spoolable and easy to install. 

For 20 years, Primus Line has been providing pipeline solutions for waterworks, network operators, and Oil & Gas players. In particular, the company focuses on quality solutions for aging infrastructure, sustainability, and environmental protection. 

Primus Line has a full lineup of flexible liners incorporating aramid fabrics. The company has a strong line of products including:

  • the W Liner for potable water,
  • the G Liner for gases, 
  • the O Liner for oils,  
  • and the F Liner, for above-the-ground transportation of water- and oil-based fluids.  

Liner diameters range from 6 to 20 inches with different pressure capabilities. The distinguishing feature of the Primus Line technology lies in its installation capabilities with continuous installation lengths of up to 2,500 meters and a bend flexibility of 45 degrees. 

The expanded outreach of this new partnership will support customers globally, where both companies have established presence through their teams or strong partners network.

Ultimately, the Primus Line-Baker Hughes partnership will provide opportunities to extend the life of their existing pipeline systems, and offer low-cost alternatives for repurposing pipelines for the transportation of new fuels like hydrogen and CO2.

Benefits to our clients include:

  • The largest portfolio of RTP’s in the market, combining the largest ID liner product with the most versatile range of RTP pipe
  • Global reach and direct local support with extensive market coverage through the industry’s largest partner network. We are always close to our customer operations.
  • Complementary products and capabilities enabling new offerings and solutions to customer challenges from design to installation
  • One-stop-shop for pipeline refurbishment, repurpose or replacement through an enhanced turnkey capability
  • Deep domain expertise in non-metallic composite materials from our more than 50 engineers


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