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Pull-Through Rehabilitation

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Thermoflex pipe’s low friction coefficient means it can achieve flow similar to or greater than the original host pipe, making it an excellent choice for pipeline rehabilitation - a process in which the composite pipe is pulled through existing pipeline infrastructure.

Pipeline rehabilitation lessens the need for full excavation, trenching, and permitting, minimizing disruption and cost. Baker Hughes works closely with your project team to for easy deployment and installation. We provide comprehensive consultative and engineering support from manufacturing through testing.

How does it work?

A pig is run through the existing pipelines via excavated access points, to clean pipes and validate there are no obstructions and potential hazards.

A nylon rope is connected to the pig, which is then used to pull a section of Thermoflex pipe back through the existing pipeline.

Because it’s a lightweight material, the process doesn’t require a lot of pulling force, taking usually just a few hours per mile.

Costs for both initial installation and long-term maintenance are dramatically reduced, improving operational economics when companies need it most.


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