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Where Does Baker Hughes Composite Pipe Fit?

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Baker Hughes composite pipes are an ideal solution for most typical onshore production facilities. These complexes include a variety of piping needs, including:

  • Wellhead flow lines
  • Water disposal pipe
  • Gas injection pipe
  • Produced gas pipe
  • Gas export pipe
  • Oil export pipe
  • CO2 export pipe

Each of these conduits is needed for a variety of size and pressure specifications. Baker Hughes offers pipe diameters from 2" to 8". Also, Baker Hughes pipes can withstand pressures of up to 2250 psi. Indeed, Baker Hughes’ bonded liners make the pipe solution perfect even for hydrogen transport situations.

Steel pipe is often costly to install and maintain, adding significant CAPEX and OPEX to all projects. Baker Hughes spoolable, RTP pipe is a cost-saving solution. It is easier to install and consumes less operational cost during the installation process. The benefits include:

  • Lower transportation costs
  • Fewer equipment rentals
  • Smaller construction crews, and
  • Faster installation with lower risk

Additionally, Baker Hughes composite pipe is known for being maintenance-free and long-lasting due to its corrosion resistance.

In summary, composite pipe by Baker Hughes offers

  • Customized piping solutions, while
  • Lowering your OPEX and downtime throughout the lifecycle of the production facility,
  • With limited to no corrosion concerns.


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