When steel pipe is beyond repair, Thermoflex® pipe pulls through.

With Thermoflex Enhanced Rehabilitation Technologies®, you can bring new life to aging pipes at a fraction of the installation cost. Thermoflex Spoolable Pipe is inserted and pulled through existing lines, eliminating the expense of trenching and minimizing disruption.

  • Comprehensive offerings that include Thermoflex Pipe, deployment trailer, fittings, inspections and warranty
  • Process managed by in-house applications engineers and field service technicians
  • Installation can be handled by our certified field service technicians, or we’ll train and certify your crew
  • Customized trailer provides automated spooling for faster, easier and safer deployment—with less manpower
  • ASTM and D25 Compliant, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

The pull through rehabilitation process makes it easy for Thermoflex® piping to be inserted and pulled through long distances inside of existing pipelines.

Pipe rehabilitation with Thermoflex® piping can be performed with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Thermoflex® spoolable pipe can also be pulled through existing steel pipe.

Inserting Thermoflex® pipe in existing pipelines can dramatically reduce installation costs by eliminating the cost associated with trenching. Using this technique, the Thermoflex® sizing is dependent upon the restrictions in the steel pipe. It is advisable to run a pig with wireline to clear any restrictions before proceeding with Thermoflex® installation.

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