Baker Hughes is changing the game for your mining operations. Our innovative flexible composite pipe is 80% faster and safer to install than steel & HDPE and has an overall lower OPEX cost.

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Of Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes

  • Longer operating lifespan than alternatives in mining industry

  • Corrosion and erosion resistant

  • Low maintenance

  • 90% fewer connections than steel and HDPE

  • 75% lower carbon footprint

  • No hotwork

  • Higher pressure capacity

  • Temperature ranges: 150°F/66°C

  • 180°F/82°C

  • 750 – 1500 PSI

  • Inner Diameter Sizes: 4in/10cm, 6in/15cm, 8in/20cm

  • Liner options: HPDE, PERT, Nylon, & PPS

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