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6 miles of Gathering Lines Deployed in Orla, TX

Posted by Baker Hughes on Jan 15, 2019 9:29:14 AM

The Problem

In the Permian Basin, installation of new hydrocarbon gathering lines comes with a unique set of challenges, including ubiquitous labor and supply shortages. But for Ring Energy operating in remote Orla, Texas, those challenges were compounded.

The company needed to quickly install 9,514 feet of new surface line to accommodate mostly sweet crude with a little bit of gas, which would require 300-500 psi maximum operating pressure to move.

Easier said than done. The terrain was rugged. Driving the six miles from the main road to the well site easily took 45 minutes—the technical services engineer actually blew out two tires making the trip. Ring Energy was sold on a composite solution, but the company was encountering supply problems with their existing vendor.

The Solution

Previously, Ring Energy had contracted Baker Hughes to install 5,500 feet of 4-inch 750 psi Thermoflex RT pipeline, which included corrosion-resistant 3/16-inch stainless steel fittings. Deployment of the installation went so smoothly and quickly that Ring Energy requested additional pipeline. The additional line was deployed within a week and installed within the original timeline. This level of responsiveness impressed the decision makers enough to bring in Baker Hughes for this latest challenge.

After a project assessment, a Baker Hughes technical services engineer recommended 6-inch 750 psi Thermoflex RT. The spoolable composite product features an inner Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) layer resistant to corrosive chemicals, H2S, and highly bacterial environments. Because it’s manufactured in Midland, Texas, neither supply nor deployment would be a problem.


Considering the comparatively low cost of Thermoflex RT and the speed with which it could be deployed, Ring Energy decided to increase its original request from 9,514 feet to 31,680 feet—a total of six miles of new surface pipeline. This amounted to a $1.9 million vote of confidence in Thermoflex. Again, Baker Hughes was able to accommodate the request—on time and on budget.

Our crew safely handled deployment and installation. The entire six miles of Thermoflex RT was installed in 28 days at a rate of 1,757 feet per day, including stainless-steel fittings. For Baker Hughes, delivering above and beyond expectation is part of the standard package.



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