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Three Ways Baker Hughes's Composite Pipe Improves Mining Operations

Mine Processing: Tailings & Slurry

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes: The Most Flexible, Easy-to-Install Mine Dewatering Pipe Available

Key Points for Attention and Concern During Installation of Pipe

Baker Hughes Composite Pipes® for the Mitigation of Paraffin Problems in Flow Lines

Abrasion Resistance Needed for Slurry Transport in Mining

Nylon Liner: Permeation Resistance

Manpower, Downtime & Equipment: Installing Composite Pipe

Low-Pressure Fluid Transport for Corrosive Environments: No Derating Necessary

Benefits of Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) for Oil and Gas Pipelines

Thermoflex® Versus Steel Pipe: A Primer

Composite pipe: made in the Permian, for the Permian

6 miles of Gathering Lines Deployed in Orla, TX

Raised Temperature in the Delaware Basin for Marathon Oil

High Pressure and Raised Temperature Applications in the Delaware Basin

Thermoflex Proves More Cost Effective for Water Transfer than Steel or HDPE

Thermoflex Solves Salt and H2S Corrosion in Offshore Pipeline

Why Thermoflex Works for Offshore Pipeline Corrosion Rehabilitation

Thermoflex Beats Permeation and Downtime in Big Lake, TX

Thermoflex for High Pressure Gas Injection in the Permian and Delaware basins

Thermoflex® ECO provides a cost-saving option for produced water transport

Riding the Permian pipeline

Polyflow Announces Opening of Sales Office in Europe - Releases Product Documentation in Multiple Languages to Support International Clients.

Where to catch Thermoflex next

Thermoflex® withstands extreme weather and adverse terrain to replace steel pipe blocked by paraffin

Thermoflex composite pipe resists corrosion—and tariffs

Operator in Rockies uses Thermoflex® to eliminate paraffin problems in flow lines

Extreme Environment Project Histories Part Three - Relining with four separate pipe diameters

Overview: Hydrogen Sulfide Health Hazards

Extreme Environment Project Histories Part Two - Relining a 5 3/4-inch pumping pipeline

The Basics of Composites Every Engineer Should Know

Hydrogen Sulfide: When Chemistry Attacks

Extreme Environment Project Histories Part One - Relining a 12-inch Crude Oil Collector

Lifecycle savings make composite pipe the cost-saving alternative to steel

Polyflow announces the commercialization of Thermoflex® ECO composite pipe designed for water transport and disposal lines

Polyflow adds 4 team members for expanded customer service

Thermoflex Pipe: Providing a flowline safety factor with elevation changes and surge pressures

New Report by the American Pipeline Institute Shows More Jobs and Higher Pay for Oil and Gas

Thermoflex gathering lines keep productivity flowing—fast

3 Need-to-Know Facts about Paraffin

Internal Stress Corrosion Cracking of Shale Gas Flowlines

Deployment Made Easy, Part II

Materials Replacing Steel in Oil & Gas Industry

Deployment Made Easy, Part I

4 Shocking Facts About America's Aging Pipeline Infrastructure

Thermoflex® RT Composite Pipe Meets Expectations for High-Temperature O&G Applications

How to Avoid a PR Disaster in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Cost of Carbon Steel Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry is Astronomical

Thermoflex®: the sweet spot between strength and flexibility

You Have to Plan For External and Internal Pipeline Corrosion

3 Major Contributors to Pipeline Corrosion

3 Definitive Reasons Flexible Pipe Is Better For Rehab Than Steel

Tips for Safe Digging Near Pipelines | Pipeline Association for Public Awareness

Aging, Leaky Pipeline? Thermoflex Pipe to the Rescue

Pipeline Rehab: A Low-Cost, Long-Term Infrastructure Fix

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