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Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes: The Most Flexible, Easy-to-Install Mine Dewatering Pipe Available

Posted by Baker Hughes on Jun 14, 2022 12:06:52 PM

As an onsite mining supervisor, your primary enemy within your mine's topographic footprint, is water. From initial design of the dewatering program through mine closure, your job is to get the water out—and keep it out.  

And if water does appear, it’s your job to make it disappear. Quickly. Your company loses hundreds of thousands of dollars each day your mine is not excavating and/or hauling material due to a water caused delay.  


High Risks and Terrain Challenges 


Beyond lost profits, flooding can destabilize pit walls—potentially resulting in mine collapse, and the loss of life and heavy machinery. 

The risks are high, which means successfully dewatering 24/7, often under many different scenarios.  

Sometimes you need to pump mine water horizontally from a smaller sump to a larger sump, and then 10-miles over rocky terrain to your discharge point.  

Other times, you may need to pump several hundred feet vertically from the bottom of the main pit up to the elevation of the mine, and then 2,500 more feet horizontally to your discharge point.  


When choosing pipe for dewatering, you need maximum flexibility.  

An easy-to-install pipe that can accommodate a wide range of topographic conditions—up and down 60° slopes, running along a narrow roadway edge, running through vegetated and rocky paths—gives you that flexibility. 

And Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes is that flexible pipe.  

You can use our pipe in numerous topographic settings that rigid HDPE and steel pipe simply can’t handle. Neither steel nor HDPE is easy or quick to set up. And once in place, they're difficult to reconfigure if your dewatering needs change. 


Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 4.37.38 PM

Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes offers you two things you need onsite, especially when you’re hundreds of miles from supply warehouses:

  1. Flexibility—you can use our pipe in numerous situations where HDPE and steel won’t work.
  2. Reliability—our composite pipe is the result of over 25 years of successful installations and intensive research by Baker Hughes, one of the world’s leading international industrial service companies.


Easy and Efficient Installation with Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes 

Our pipe’s mechanical swaging system requires only 2-end fittings and 11-couplings (and no elbows or risers) for a mile of pipe. Each swaged connection takes about 30-minutes and requires no cooldown time since there is no hot work required. Which means, in a day, you can lay a mile of Composite Pipe by Baker Hughes.  

That same mile of steel or HDPE takes much more time, effort, and personnel to install. Each needs 265 welds or electro fusions per mile of pipe. And that doesn’t include additional welds for elbows or risers.  

HDPE can take over 90-minutes to electrofuse and cool each joint, assuming the process goes smoothly. Steel takes even longer to prep, align, weld, and inspect. Under the best-case scenarios, you’ve got more than a month of work to get that mile of pipe online. 

Our neatly spooled composite pipe is also easier to manage than hundreds of sticks of pipe. We can fit 3-4 reels on one truck and only need a forklift to offload. Also, one reel only takes 2 minutes to unspool and requires no cranes or boom trucks. Our pipe is lighter than the alternatives and therefore is cheaper to ship and more convenient to transport. 

With Baker Hughes Composite Pipe you’ll experience easier installation. You’ll also have the flexibility to modify your dewatering activities (and your discharge points) as your mine’s operating conditions change—or as new water related situations arise.  


Ready to Learn More? 

Baker Hughes’s Composite Pipe offers significant savings in time and cost. It’s a smart dewatering solution that helps you keep your mine operating 24/7.  

 Composite Pipe is a modern improvement over traditional piping material. It’s backed by over 25 years of research and development, material science, and installation experience in composite pipe systems. To learn more about how you can improve your mine’s piping-related activities, contact us.  



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