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Composite pipe: made in the Permian, for the Permian

Posted by Baker Hughes on Jun 14, 2019 12:39:13 PM

While there’s a lot of activity in the Permian basin, this vast expanse of back roads can often seem like a lonely place, particularly when it comes to getting your hands on composite pipe.

One-day delivery

Baker Hughes is the only pipe manufacturer in Midland with their plant located along Interstate 20. The state-of-the-art facility built in 2014 allows them to promptly meet demand, even as production activity in the Permian has reached record-breaking levels this year—more than quadrupling the region’s output from 2010.

From the Baker Hughes plant, it’s just a few hours drive to anywhere in West Texas or southern New Mexico. And only a little further to sites in the Rockies or South Texas. For operators, this means significantly reduced freight costs and lead-time. It also helps minimize downtime if maintenance or emergency services are required.

PolyFlow Yard (68)

Better, stronger, faster than steel

Thermoflex, the FPS proprietary five-layer composite pipe, offers the strength of steel with superior durability. It can accommodate higher pressures and operating temperatures—up to 2,000 psi and 180° F. It boasts ultra-low permeation and resistance to H2S, CO2, bacteria and other corrosives. And it features the lightest weight and longest length of any spoolable pipe.

Compare that with other products that have to ship from Houston or Canada, which means more time, freight and potential delays. Other products also require on-site cranes for handling and need larger right of ways – added expenses that are avoided by using Thermoflex.

Deployment and installation of Thermoflex is managed by the Baker Hughes Field Service Team and run through certified contractors. Between proximity to job sites and less-complicated logistics, Baker Hughes is able to deliver faster than any competitor.

A cure for the summertime NPT blues

As summer heats up, along with oil and gas production, operators in West Texas will be happy that they’re not waiting around for pipe. Or profitability.

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