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Raised Temperature in the Delaware Basin for Marathon Oil

Posted by Chris Reiter on Jan 15, 2019 9:27:26 AM

The Problem

In order to optimize profitability, oil and gas companies will frequently require a very narrow range of production specifications. Case in point: engineers for Marathon Oil recently needed 2,650 feet of hydrocarbon gathering line for a raised-temperature project in the Delaware Basin.

According to their calculations, a 5-inch diameter pipe provided the sweet spot between flow capacity and budget—4 inches wouldn’t provide adequate flow and 6 inches, which provided more flow capacity than was needed, was cost-prohibitive. Problem was, 5-inch not a standard size in the industry.

The Solution

Fortunately for Marathon, there was one company—and only one as it turned out—that offered a non-standard 5-inch pipeline. That company was FPS Onshore.

After the consultation, FPS Onshore technical services engineer recommended a 5-inch Thermoflex RT. Ideal for extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals and harsh conditions, this flexible composite pipe features a PE-RT material and a Nylon PA12 inner liner. This would accommodate the 180°F temperature and 750 psi pressure project specifications.

Manufactured in nearby Midland, Texas, the spoolable pipe could also be quickly deployed and installed.


Going with the 5-inch Thermoflex RT, instead of the unnecessary 6-inch alternative, saved Marathon $9 per foot ($23,850) on material costs alone. Since installation, the solution has performed without issue.



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