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Thermoflex® ECO provides a cost-saving option for produced water transport

Posted by Chris Reiter on Aug 29, 2018 4:14:49 PM

The Problem

Operating in the Rockies, a midstream energy company faced a dilemma—several, actually. The company needed to quickly install 8.5 miles of high-pressure gathering lines to transport produced water from multiple wells.

The previous phase of the installation had been time consuming and costly. The multiple wells would now require greater capacity—material and labor costs would be compounded by downtime. An economically viable alternative was needed.

The Solution

The company contacted FPS Onshore and discussed the project, the application, and the unique challenges it faced. Working closely with the customer, our engineering team proposed a 6-inch Thermoflex ECO, a lower-cost pipe solution suited for produced water, disposal lines, and oil and gas flowlines. It would easily accommodate the project’s 150°F temperature and 750 psi pressure requirements.

As with every project, FPS Onshore factored in a variety of criteria such as well and pipeline operating parameters, the types of hydrocarbons produced, chemical compatibility issues, and any potential pressure fluctuations to determine the optimal solution.

While FPS Onshore has the capability of providing turnkey delivery and installation for the entire project, the customer requested that they retain their own existing general contractor for installation. FPS Onshore would provide a field-service technician to train the contractor’s team and oversee deployment, installation, and certification for the entirety of the job.


Being lightweight and spoolable, the Thermoflex ECO was easy to ship. Once delivered to the job site, the FPS Onshore field-service technician was there to oversee the unspooling and installation process.


Metallic couplings and termination connections were easily made using a portable swaging machine and an electric pump—no welding or makeup was required.

The installation was performed safely, with fewer workers, and faster than anyone anticipated. 



Within just 45 days, the entire 41,800 feet of pipeline was installed and ready for operation. Laying up to 3,000 feet per day, the project was dispatched without a hitch. The customer was able to reap the benefits of increased capacity, lower material and labor costs, and reduced downtime.

Because the product and the installation process were so simple, and the field-service technician was so capable, the contractor was able to effectively install the pipeline with only one to two field workers at any given time.

Thermoflex ECO is a lower-cost product that’s quickly deployed with minimal manpower, reducing both cap-ex and installation costs, providing an increasingly attractive alternative to steel in high-pressure, high-temperature oil and gas applications. Combine that with FPS Onshore's extensive engineering and consultative support, and you have an unbeatable package deal.

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