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Thermoflex Proves More Cost Effective for Water Transfer than Steel or HDPE

Posted by Drew Phillips on Nov 9, 2018 2:34:32 PM
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The Problem

Working extensively in the Delaware Basin, one company had long been seeking a more cost-effective solution for a water-transfer flowline than steel and HDPE.

Application specifications dictated a solution that could accommodate 180°F at 120 psi. The operator had almost settled on a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe with a nylon liner before reaching out to a FPS Onshore sales rep for additional consultation.

After evaluating the proposed solution, the rep pointed out that the pressure and temperature ratings of the HDPE would fall short of their initial design specifications and suggested an alternative. 


The Solution

Manufactured by FPS Onshore at its Midland, Texas facility, PE Flex™ Plus pipe is ideal for low-pressure fluid transport. Offering a significant advantage over conventional HDPE, it features a nylon layer for hydrocarbon and paraffin resistance, requiring no pressure derating even at higher temperatures. Applications for PE Flex Plus include oil, gas, salt water, brine, CO2, H2S, and condensate.

FPS Onshore recommended the PE Flex Plus RT with a 3-inch outside diameter that could accommodate 120 psi at 180°F temperatures. An added PE-RT layer made the higher temperatures possible.

A spoolable product, the PE Flex Plus RT was available in longer lengths, which meant less splicing would be required. FPS Onshore was able to quickly dispatch and deploy the needed materials on-site, where 17,800 feet of the pipe was installed in less than three days, allowing the company to begin production sooner than expected.



Thanks to manufacturing and deployment efficiencies, FPS Onshore was able to provide an economically better solution for the water-transfer flowline—in terms of total cost, 36% less than steel and 19% less than the HDPE solution originally estimated.

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