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Pipeline Corrosion

If you have steel pipeline, you have a corrosion problem. It’s just a question of how to best mitigate your risk for your particular oil or gas application. FPS Onshore can help.



Under stress, under siege

While steel has its strengths, ability to withstand corrosion isn’t one of them. Carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ethanol, free water and microbes attack steel pipelines internally and externally. Compounded by high temperatures and flow velocities—not to mention age—stress corrosion cracking and rupture will eventually result. Coatings, cathodic protection and chemical treatments come with added costs and maintenance headaches.

Maximum operating pressure: 2,000 psi

Maximum operating temperature: 180°F

Ultra-low permeation: resistant to H2S, CO2, paraffin, bacteria and harsh chemicals.

Easy installation: lightest weight and longest length among spoolable pipe solutions, it installs with less manpower in less time. Improve installation & well connection time by 60% at a cost typically 1/5 vs steel.

Harsh terrain: Being a flexible pipe with excellent bending radius, Thermoflex can be maneuvered in all sorts of harsh terrain; Mountains, dense bush, desert, and rocky regions.

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A more durable alternative

Thermoflex® pipe from FPS Onshore features a patented, multi-layer design capable of accommodating pressures of up to 2,000 psi and temperatures of up to 180°F. It also comes with an inner nylon lining, protecting the pipe against both corrosion and permeation—no de-rating required.


Available on a spool, Thermoflex is easily deployed and installed, requiring fewer connections. Because of its low-friction coefficient, it delivers flow rates comparable to larger-diameter pipes, making it also ideal for pipeline rehabilitation.


  • Unmatched Corrosion and Chemical Resistance
  • Fast Deployment and Installation
  • 50% lower TOTEX vs. Steel
  • Shorter lead time, less downtime, faster monetization
  • Not environmentally invasive


Field Services

Our field service technicians are certified to ensure that every pipe installation project runs safely and smoothly. We’ll oversee pipeline deployment and installation ourselves or will train and certify your crew. Equipment available for short- and long-term rental, our custom deployment trailers allows for loading and unloading without a forklift or crane.


Bring new life to aging steel pipelines for a fraction of the cost. With Thermoflex Enhanced Rehabilitation Technologies®, spoolable Thermoflex is simply pulled through existing lines, eliminating the expense of trenching and minimizing disruption. Ideal for onshore and shallow offshore applications, the process requires less manpower and is safely deployed.


Every pipe project comes with a unique set of requirements. We have state of the art engineering and technical expertise to ensure successful execution. Our in-house pre-job planning includes line modeling and pressure curve analysis to ensure proper sizing, application, and installation. We also provide a range of options for pressure drops and flow rates.


With unmatched corrosion resistance and a lower friction coefficient, Thermoflex® pipe is ideal for downhole applications including velocity strings and submersible tubing. These advantages allow applications for smaller-diameter tubing and higher fluid velocities. Available in lightweight, continuous rolls, it installs faster and more affordably.

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Rehab reimagined

With Enhanced Rehabilitation Technologies® from FPS Onshore, there’s no need for excavation or trenching, and pipeline disruption is minimized. A pig, attached to a rope, is pulled through an existing section of steel pipeline. The rope is then attached to a section of Thermoflex, which is pulled back through the existing pipeline. A mile of Thermoflex, which is lighter than steel, can be pulled in just a few hours, dramatically reducing costs for installation and maintenance.


Enhanced Rehabilitation Technologies is ideal for onshore and offshore applications.

  • Deployment package includes Thermoflex pipe, trailer, fittings, inspections and warranty.
  • Process managed by in-house applications engineers and field service technicians.
  • Installation can be handled by certified field-service technicians, or FPS Onshore will train and certify your crew.
  • Customized trailer provides automated spooling for faster, easier and safer deployment—with less manpower.

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