We offer a deployment trailer to help customers with installations of Thermoflex piping. It is available for short and long-term rental to best meet your company’s needs.

Our innovative deployment trailers help make Thermoflex® pipe installation fast and safe. Our custom trailers allows two operators to load and unload pipe reels in the field without using fork lifts or rental cranes.

Direct Bury

The direct bury method can be accomplished by continuous plowing or trenching with a plow, ditch witch or backhoe.

With pre-trench ditches, it is common to install over 10 miles of Thermoflex® pipe per day at a cost savings of over $5-$6 per foot over steel.
Equipment required:

  • Trenching equipment – backhoe, ditch witch, or excavator

  • A-frame

  • Coupling machine

  • Spools of pipe (backhoe can transport and position)

Pull Through

Thermoflex® spoolable pipe can also be pulled through existing steel pipe.

Inserting Thermoflex® pipe in existing pipelines can dramatically reduce installation costs by eliminating the cost associated with trenching. Using this technique, the Thermoflex® sizing is dependent upon the restrictions in the steel pipe. It is advisable to run a pig with wireline to clear any restrictions before proceeding with Thermoflex® installation.

It is common in pull-through installations to flood the existing pipe with water to increase buoyancy and reduce the pulling force required for the Thermoflex® pipe. Flooding steel lines with water can reduce pulling force up to 90% as compared to pulling dry line.

Training and Certification

Experienced field service technicians from our team qualify and certify each pipe installation project. We train installation crews onsite and provide training documents to verify certification. Our field service professionals ensure that Thermoflex installations run smoothly and are hassle-free. Installation techniques include direct bury, or pulling the pipe through an existing larger diameter steel line.

Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering the range of services your operation requires.

This includes upfront and continuing engineering support, proactive professional service and just-in-time pipe availability. Our team of responsive field professionals work tirelessly to ensure proper field installation and a long product lifespan.

Modeling & Design

Our design service helps model gathering and flow line applications to determine correct pressure drops for given lengths, elevation changes and flow rates.

Our modeling process presents you with various options for pressure drops and flow rates. We can help you decide which option to choose for the best solution to fit your needs. Please complete the form below to get started.

Experienced, Professional Engineers

Our team features the engineering expertise and technical acumen needed to develop a pipe solution that meets your individual requirements.

Our in-house pre-job planning includes line modeling and pressure curve analysis to ensure proper sizing, application and installation.

On the Ground and By Your Side

At install time, our experienced team offers field support, training and education to ensure successful installations.

Our support and service solutions are designed to prevent problems, so we don’t have to address them after they occur.