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The 1st 8-in Non-Metallic RTP Installation in Bakersfield, California

During the process of expanding operations in Central California the customer created more produced water than their current system could accommodate. To address this issue an additional pipeline would be required.



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Thermoflex® Oil Gathering Line in West Virginia

A customer in northwestern West Virginia had several oil wells requiring new gathering line piping. The lines required an operating pressure of approximately 500 psi to overcome the hydrostatic head associated with the severe hills in the area. The flow rate of oil was estimated at 200 bbl/day with little or no brine in the flow.

Case Study: West Virginia
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Upgrading Flow Line for Higher Pressures

A customer in west Texas was seeking a higher pressure flow line alternative to their current HDPE line. The operating pressures were pushing up to 500 psi, which exceeded the current pipe rating for the 3,700 ft flow line. Higher pressure ratings typically mean costly and time consuming fiberglass or steel pipe line alternatives.

Case Study: Upgrading Flow Line
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Offshore Rehabilitation of Steel Flow Line

A customer in Rockport, TX had an existing oil/brine/gas flow line between an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico and an onshore facility. The existing steel line, approximately 14,000 ft in length, was comprised of 4 in., 6 in. and 8 in. steel pipe. The line had multiple leaks, requiring regular repairs.

Offshore Rehabilitation of Steel Flow Line
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Southeastern New Mexico Gathering Lines

A customer in New Mexico wanted to bury 12,800 feet of gathering line to comply with federal regulations for operating on public land. The lower volume gas wells ranged in production from 100 – 150 MCF/day, and federal regulations required lines exceeding 100 psi to be buried.

Southeastern New Mexico Gathering Lines
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Thermoflex® Gas Gathering Line

A customer drilled several gas wells in the Marcellus area of northeast US that required new gathering line piping. The wells were expected to operate at pressures less than 500 psi, but could operate at over 1,000 psi as more wells were drilled. Typical flow rates for these wells vary from 300 to 3,000 MCF of gas per day.

Case Study: Marcellus
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Permian Basin, West Texas: Quick, Cost-Effective Turn-Around on Pipe Delivery 

A West Texas operator needed to install pipeline infrastructure for a new nine well multi-pad system and wanted production within a month.

4in 500psi 150F Thermoflex ECO


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